Kieron 'The London vagabond' Cummings is a self taught photographer based in London. 

He documents life as He see's it, always learning along the way, forever seeking beauty in the darkest of corners and craving the next spontaneous decision. The work is shot primarily on 35mm film on both old SLR's and point and shoots that have been hoarded from charity shops.

The London Vagabond produces photos that are often described as gritty, urban and above all else 'real'. The work is heavily focused on street portraiture and tends to focus on characters that are of some interest to him, whether it be the persons, scars, tattoos or the way they carry themselves.

Other than photographing characters of the street he likes to break away from that and shoot in a totally different environment and photograph the beauty of the female form. 

All purchases go straight back into taking photos, keeping camera equipment mantained and the development of film.

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